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| 25th Aug 2008 |      


Hello --

Q-Dir is a GREAT piece of software!! Thanks.

I find myself using PreView pane very often. Because of size of pane (regardless how you size various windows), I would find it very helpful to have mouse-over ZOOM.

The way I see this happen is anytime the mouse pointer is over pre-view pane, the pointer would be center of one inch "magnifying glass" of document. This would allow me to quickly check document revision detailed on first page.

thanks again!! -GA
Am I to do it? ;)!

Anyway, thanks for your very good tool.
Anyway, thanks for your very good tool.

Is there a way to save Filter?
I want to see certain files ALL THE TIME - different filter on different drive. The filter feature in Q-Dir doesn't save.

I think that I found an issue with QDir 3.47 (and previous versions).
In the address bar the path disapeared. Just to select another panel and the path of each panel goes away. Windows 2000 SP4 IE 6.0

Can you made a full English version of your great softwares?
I think that would makes other people easy to translate your great softwares into their language.

Can you kindly direct me to the "preview" button to view different file types etc.?

I wanted just the folder in the favourites list, not it's contents.
In both cases, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove those entries, so now the program has become useless to me. I have faves and quicklinks that don't do what I want them to, and no way to remove them, except to remove the program, which is what I am going to do now.

Every time I opened Q-Dir, it is showing me 4 panes of the drives, C:, D:, E:, F:, etc.
Is there a way to start it so that it begins with the folders I opened the last time?

And everytime i reboot my ccomputer
I'm with ehe version 3.61 and everytime i reboot my ccomputer and start q-dir, the q-dir view is diorganized! 4 windows are there but one of them takes all the place and i have to resize every windows each time.


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