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| 15th Sep 2008 |      


Hello Nenad,

With version 3.28 and 3.29 i have low quality thumbnail preview, when I turn this preview on.


I have AMD Athlon 1,8 GHZ, 1,5 GB RAM, and Radeon 9200 (128 MB)

On my other comp thumbnails works just fine, and I don't graphics card even..

When I try Q-Dir 3.25, I have my thumbnails quality back ??!!

Best regards

I.... P.....
Thanks for the tip.
Will repair in next version.

I don't like external file manager apps
Q-Dir does not show the correct icons, it shows the default icons set and not the correct one.

The only way to switch to another application is press ALT-Tab repeatedly, which is very inconvenient.
Is there any way to configure Q-DIR so that it is NOT always-on-top, like all other applications? There should be a new user configuration option: "Q-Dir is always on top".

It is only advice to improve qdir.
File or Folder search, Web browser, Reg Editor and File Renamer are very small and quite useful as well.

How does one disable the sounds in Q-Dir?
Menu>Extras>List-View>Click-Navigation Sound!

After opening 7 folders in explorer, it tends to crash after awhile.
I'm running xp pro, with a modified sp3. when i fully install sp3, my system freezes for about 20 seconds for no apparent reason. i use IE 6

I'd love to have an export-tree function.
This would work the same as the existing export function, but also go into all subdirectories.

Would it be possible to add 'Search' to Q-Dir
Would it be possible to add 'Search' to Q-Dir (for files, names of files/directories, content, &c.)?

File with no name , just extension like
I did it,in the attached archive file. Hav a nice day.


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