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| 27th Sep 2008 |      


I hope you can help me. I really like Q-Dir, but I have found that if I open a folder, exit back out of that folder, I cannot delete that folder. If I open a file in a folder (with a text editor or a word processor, for instance) and then close that file, I cannot delete that file.

In both cases, I have found that Q-Dir still is holding open the file (via a file handle). Even if I exit out of Q-Dir (File -> Exit), the file is still held by Q-Dir. This led me to find that Q-Dir is still listed in the Task Manager as a running process. I then have to END TASK on Q-Dir manually to terminate it in order to release the file handles.

Why doesn't Q-Dir properly terminate?

I am using Q-Dir 2.99. I have Windows XP Media Center with all updates (up to SP3) and am using Internet Explorer v7, Firefox v3, and Opera v9.5.

Lastly, if it matters, I am using a .QDR file to start up Q-Dir. If I start Q-Dir using a shortcut to the .EXE, this problem doesn't happen. I hope that is enough information to help you suggest a solution.

I will do anything in reason. ;) !

Two specific end-user functions that I would find helpful:
It would be ideal if solution maintained statistics on frequently accessed folders and maintained this list in primary "local" pull-down (would be immediate items when click the "down" arrow).

Change default view to "List" not "Detail".
Add more essential optional tools at main menu bar (File, Edit, etc). Perfecting it like on FreeCommander (freecommander.com) - add FTP function also.

Add a private search file function, based on a native dir function (quick)
Allow unlock of your "Dir" form (like usercontrol, for treeview & listview)

I have to click on the name bar to alphabetize the list
Is there anywhere in the options to have it start alphabetized?

I'd love to have an export-tree function.
This would work the same as the existing export function, but also go into all subdirectories.

Is it too much of a problem to put a search function in the windows?
If it already exists I am sorry for mentioning it but I haven't seen it yet. I am using the latest version of QDir.

I need to access several dir at same time.
To make it even more easier to use, could you add a small feature to it: allow use alt+1/alt+2/. to select the favorite book marks?

Delete a folder using another program
I notice that if i delete a folder using another program and then try to update the tree view using either F5 or the menu to remove that now missing folder, the tree view does not update and still shows the missing folder but the folder column to the right of the tree view does update correctly (in explorer, the tree view does update automatically correctly). Is this by design and is there a way to change this behavior?


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