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| 8th Oct 2008 |      


Hello man (or woman)!

I discovered Q-dir some months ago and i've begun to use it few weekes ago. It's really a very great software, you make very good job!
There remains some bugs sometimes its not very annoying (it's not a reason to stop developing your software huh!;-)) But it's not my subject...

I like so much this software that i would really like to translate it in french for french speaking people, how could i do?
I will in one of the next versions implement Translation Tool 4 Q-Dir.


In the principal window (top, left), there are no problem
When I use the buttons "back" and "next", but whith the other windows, these buttons are not working oftenly.

There is a problem with multiple monitor handling.
As a result, if the primary monitor is the right monitor, the secondary monitor on the left will have a negative X coordinate. This causes the commands Left, Right, Middle to always move Q-Dir to the primary monitor if it is located on the secondary monitor.

How to you get the tree for each windows to load by default?
I can't seem to make it happen?

It seems to be working now. Thank you.
The tree-view should refresh when folders are delected in the list-view.

A window will open up and ask me if I want to copy, appened,
I drag and drop files from one place to another, a window will open up and ask me if I want to copy, appened, only older files, etc. Then, I get a window that shows the progress of the copying. However, with the vesrion on my wife's computer I don't get any of that. What I get is the standard windwos based displays instead. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?

In Windows XP and in Vista deleting a shortcut should NOT delete
Yesterday he could not access his Pictures folder that contained several subfolders using Q-Dir or using Windows Explorer. When he deleted a shortcut (link) to Pictures folder which was in his Documents folder using Q-Dir, the following were deleted:

Is it possible to have the double click on a .rar file
If I double click on a .zip file, I can see what is inside like in a map, but if I double click on a .rar file, winrar starts. Is it possible to have the double click on a .rar file work the same as on a .zip file?


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