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| 12th Nov 2008 |      


I use Q-Dir v.3.32/Vista-Business SP1/IE7.0 on a business Vista Thinkpad. Datetime stamps are not displaying in the 'Date Taken' column. This makes selecting the latest version of a file much more difficult.
Please read this:
Best Regards Nenad, .....

I am unable to remove a folder from the favorite list.
I accidentally added my WINDOWS folder as the favorite and now i have way too many windows to even make favorites useful. Thank you for your great software. May I donate I would like to Paypal a donation to you.

Can do a double-click or press F2
To rename the time does not include the extension? So I think it is quite convenient. Thank you to provide such a good software!

Your console wrapper is a good idea for me to make my work colorful.
However, there is a problem because I cannot break my command (which takes a long time) using CTRL+C. How can I do that, or will it be added in future releases?

It is only advice to improve qdir.
File or Folder search, Web browser, Reg Editor and File Renamer are very small and quite useful as well.

Any way to show the tree list when the program start, this is possible ?
I think if you keep the application small and add little option like make the trees Autoexpand this will be perfect. (just my opinions)

I also suggest incorporating everything search found
I like qdir very much, but it lacks several features found in other file managers, one is the search function,

I do like QDir, which a fantastic (and free !) piece of software.
But I would be very glad, when I launch it, to have each window automatically opened on the directory which was opened the last time I closed it.

I have a registered zoom player,
I have a registered zoom player,


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