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| 21th Nov 2008 |      


Hello Nenad
May I suggest something for Q-Dir? An option to enable/disable the control panel from My Computer would be appreciated. Other than that it's a great piece of software.
Kind regards

ANSWER : do You mean in the toolbar of Q-View!

Allow to export the directory shown
Option should also include how many subdirectory levels will be printed.

"My place" is one great software !
Thank you for making the english version. I'm using it now and I will use it as often as I need it.

How to save settings with a portable install ?
Till now I used to install Q-Dir shortening the name and placing the exe in the right directory. But then, all my settings were lost and I had to choose them back. Does a portable install avoid this hassle ?

But i hope there is a more customable view, like the one in firefox.
In firefox, when you right click the space on the menu bar, and select "customize". It allows user to drag to add or remove items. I think this feature can attract lots of peoples.

To have a border in some color around the active window.
I like the program very much! But the active window is only recognizable by the red icon at the bottum right. I would prefer to have a border in some color around the active window.

The directory size
How do I enable the "Optional display of the directory size and directory content in the status bar"?

How do I set a color filter in Q-Dir for compressed and encrypted files?
This is when using the black theme. and adjusting the colors. It would be nice if the feature was like #en for encrypted and #cp for compressed, or something like that. Anyway, the colors for encrypted and compressed files seem to be the same as the * color

Menu words to translate i'll do it for you
Menu words to translate i'll do it for you


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