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| 28th Nov 2008 |      


The tree-view should refresh when folders are delected in the list-view.

It must be so ?!
Tell me your OS!

I'd love to have an export-tree function.
This would work the same as the existing export function, but also go into all subdirectories.

Default file handler instead of explorer, so that it would take over when you doubleclick on a folder or choose Explore from a (rightclick) menu.
However I'm having a little problem these last few days: when I start it up in 4-window layout I only see one window; the other three are hidden and I have to resize all four in order to make all four visible.

This weekend I had the ugly project of sorting out hundreds of files
And then I discovered the icing on the cake.I needed to print out file lists and thought I'd have to go through the usual gymnastics of using yet another program to sort and export and then I discovered that Q-DIR does it completely painlessly with a single command.

Although I set Q-Dir not show hidden files and system files
It does show them and the large nuber in C:\Windows etc is a nuisance. I already have those options checked in Windows Explorer and it works fine there.

Like "Desktop" & "Computer" Tool-Bar button ?
In the panel's icon bar - a button with a drop-down list with enumerated names of computers in the local network.

Can do a double-click or press F2
To rename the time does not include the extension? So I think it is quite convenient. Thank you to provide such a good software!

I user quick-links with keyboard:
I user quick-links with keyboard: press ctl+q and then I press the first letter of the name of quick-link. For instance, if I have quick link named txt for folder d:\texts then I press ctrl+q and then t and it goes automatically there (if there's only 1 quick links with name starting on t). This works in 3.51 but crashes program in 3.63.

I think following functions can be added:
I think following functions can be added:


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