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| 2th Jan 2009 |      


Situation was as follows:

I had screen divided into 3 logical sections.
I was copying data from section 2 to section 3 per drag and drop.
Went back to section 2 (while copying was continuing) selected another directory then using context menu clicked delete.
What happened was that the 2 files (out of 3) I was copying got deleted but the directory I wanted deleted remained. The file that was actually in process of copying could not be deleted because the system said it was in use so I only lost two files.

This is a serious flaw and I hope to see it fixed quickly.

Is the folder in 2 or 3
removable or normal hard disk

Problem #3
Context delete in folder pane will remove folder from visibility but when drive is rescanned folder reappears.

Came across another "focus" issue

When you have a file or folder highlighted in the files pane of a window and then click new folder, after you enter the name of the new folder the file/folder that was highlighted will be renamed to the same name as the new folder followed by (2)

2 is a networked hard drive
3 is a local hard drive

Feel free to ask for whatever you need. I want your project to succeed.

These are extreme problems

I ask for the following information:
1. Installed OS:
2. Servicepak on your operating
3. Installed Internet Explorer

Vista 64 bit or 32 bit

Thanks! I'll do extreme test!

In the principal window (top, left), there are no problem
When I use the buttons "back" and "next", but whith the other windows, these buttons are not working oftenly.

How do I telnet "telnet" does not work
How can I invoke external commands which are not present in color console

Like XYplorer , xplorer2, total commander, QTtabbar etc.
XYplorer - it works excellent in terms of directory loading for network driver.The bottom bar of xy plorer is great with many useful feature. but again multi tab interface is what we do not want

I encountered one problem: I cannot open a document (e.g. a Word document) from a web folder by double clicking on it.
I do al lot of testing, so I prefer to adapt to the standards of my academy, wich unfortunally is IE6. That's why upgrading to IE7 is not my fist choice.

Your console wrapper is a good idea for me to make my work colorful.
However, there is a problem because I cannot break my command (which takes a long time) using CTRL+C. How can I do that, or will it be added in future releases?

I select in my 3 windows the 3 directories that I use all the time,
And checked Q-Dir always. With Current window position, and every time I reopen Q-Dir I get the default directory in the 3 windows back - is that normal?

Für <- Unicode? lol
Check for updates button or automated - Multi languages - Search function

On my WinXP it does not remember the directory paths for each window after closing
On my WinXP it does not remember the directory paths for each window after closing


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