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| 9th Jan 2009 |      


I love your program, Q-Dir.
I have two little feature requests here.
1. Could you put Folder Size in the Column? FolderSize works on XP, but not Vista. So, showing Folder Size inside Q-Dir maybe a great idea then.
2. Do you plan to compile x64 version of Q-Dir?

at 3.49 is the FolderSize in status bar possible!
to> x64

The two URLs at the bottom have only one slash,
therefore they don't work. Not much of a problem, but I thought you need to know. Thanks.

Its original view settings
I've used Window Washer, Ccleaner, and Revo Uninstaller, but it still won't reset back to its original state.

Paste option in the context menu
I've used version 3.67 and now upgraded to 3.74 and both have a small bug which occurs randomly. 10% of the times I cut or copy something, be it via shortcut or the context menu, if I close the window and try to paste the files in another instance it doesn't work, and the Paste option in the context menu is even grayed.

Can you save view for each folder independently
So every time I open "downloads" its automatically sorted by date but when I go to another folder such as program files its automatically sorted by name? Explorer saves view options for each folder but almost no substitute program seems to do it effectively. Would also be nice to have it replace / integrate explorer automatically for any time I click on a drive. Thanks. Nice little program otherwise.

I am using Q-dir as default file manager(Setting "*Q-Dir" as default action for file folders).
I prefer to use "listview" for folders and "1-dir". When I choose "starting as" -> "use last view", then it is okay. But when I choose "starting as" -> "1-Dir", then when I double-click on a folder to open, it starts with "detailed view". Is there a way to make q-dir start with "list view", without using a desktop shortcut(xxx.qdr)?

I enjoy your Q-Dir much.
Please give the map size after the green maps and not only when they are opened.

Feature to show Quick links as icons(or tabs) on "that bar"
Small Bug: When I click Quick-folder icon, menu appears, but when I Right click on that menu(acidentally) some error happens

Immediately minimises itself down to the taskbar. Very annoying behaviour.
Can you tell me how I can transfer all my Q-Dir (3.17)settings to the latest version which I've just downloaded.


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