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| 16th Jan 2009 |      



I have sofar been very pleased with Q-Dir, I have however on several occcasions found myself wanting to rearrange the list views.

Example: In 4-dir mode (quadrants) or any 3+ mode for that matter, I sometimes end up with a listview being in a folder which I rather would have had located next to another pane (other side or top to bottom, or next to each other.

I am aware there is no floating/docking (wouldn't need to be either) but perhaps there is an option I am overlooking, if so please tell :) if such option does not exist then I would like to make this a suggestion

a 'Swap' command to have two views swap the folders they are showing.

Suppose I have 4-dir mode in quadrants and I end up in bottom-left pane in a folder that I rather would have top-left next to the listview in top-right.

selecting the command would require the user to click the captions of the two listviews, who's folder display the user wants to swap, in turn.

So in my example I would click the captions of top-left and bottom-left view and the result would be that the top-left navigates to the folder from bottom-left, and the bottom-left view navigating to the folder previously shown in top-left.

the beauty of this is that you do not need to worry about which order to activate panes, and no worries about having to add an additional load of code to support drag/drop of panes (overrated feature anyways)


for Q-Views ?

to> Folder to switch

But i hope there is a more customable view, like the one in firefox.
In firefox, when you right click the space on the menu bar, and select "customize". It allows user to drag to add or remove items. I think this feature can attract lots of peoples.

Replaced every other file manager
I love your file manager Q-Dir, it's replaced every other file manager I have ever used, and it would be perfect if I could disable the click sound it makes on navigation

There needs to be some documentation on the use of the color filters
I tried your new program today. It looks very nice. A few things I have noticed thus far and a comment or two. 1. If I delete one or more files (select files and then press DEL key). The program minimizes after deleting the files.

Fast full view switching.
having folder tabs for the single folder view. there are times when I need to view as many files in a folder as possible, yet want to easily be able to drag and drop these files into another folder. I would love to have all 4 folders appear as tabs so I can drop the file onto the tab to copy it, of course this also means that I can reopen these folders with just a click for fast full view switching.

However what Q-dir lacks is a synchronization mechanism.
I've been looking into Q-dir and the program is fine. Untill now I used mainly SpeedCommander but the fact that Q-dir can open more windows then 2 is a nice improvement which often comes in quite handy.

In order to see the change you need to force refresh F5.
When you try to drug a file, it just like you are not pressing the left mouse button. The file don't want to move. And if I do cut, I see it become transparent, when I press CTRL V, Nothing happened.

View and compare fonts that are NOT
Would it be possible to let user view and compare fonts that are NOT installed also? User can choose folder where fonts are saved and view all. If the user likes a font, then click the font and press install to copy font to Font\ folder.

All the folders and registry settings appear to be the same
As in my vista laptop which is ver. 3.15 and does work correctly, remembering tree view and my last place in the directory.


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