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| 18th Jan 2009 |      


Happy New Year, can do a double-click or press F2 to rename the time does not include the extension? So I think it is quite convenient. Thank you to provide such a good software!

first press [F2] Rename
second press [F2] Rename no ext (*.txt)

can make the default is not selected extension? From my personal records for use in general and the extension will not be modified with, or be a option allows users to choose the default action?

I'll switch this!


I like this software, today made a 3.49 version of the simplified Chinese language documents, hoping to see in the next version of the language, thank you!

The 3.51 + simplified Chinese is ONLINE ;)


Can you add button which open DOS prompt with the current directory.
I'm developper and I need to open DOS prompt when I am in a specefic directory.

Copy and working copy of source code
I often use this to copy files between two locations that have the same directory hierarchy. For example, source code control local copy and working copy of source code .

Add file synchronization.
I am suggestion that you add file synchronization. If you opened two panels you could tell which files are not the same. This feature is found in the old version of 2xExplorer. It is the only feature I wish was in your program.

Display size of single file
Display size of single file in List-View is more better. ;^) We could compare multiple files directly.

How do I set a color filter in Q-Dir for compressed and encrypted files?
This is when using the black theme. and adjusting the colors. It would be nice if the feature was like #en for encrypted and #cp for compressed, or something like that. Anyway, the colors for encrypted and compressed files seem to be the same as the * color

Please, let me know if there is a way to sort folders and files
Together so that I can have 3 folders followed by 2 files, followed by 10 folders and so on in the view panels.

One of the best free file managers, realy.
What about predefined (by user) filters? For instance, button on toolbar (or pop-up menu) "Docs" and filter "*.doc;*.rtf;*.txt".

Tooltips for the icons on your menu bar and the status bar and
Tooltips for the icons on your menu bar and the status bar and


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