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| 22th Jan 2009 |      



I use Q-Dir 3.51 and find it really great.

For the moment, when I leave Q-Dir and go back later, Q-Dir opens with the view on the las directory I've seen before.

I would like have the possibilty to have always the same tree directory view when Q-Dir opens (for me, it would be 'My documents').

Is it possible ?


please read this first:


I wish to try more of them.
I am so happy you support English in many of them. I hope you will consider to support more of your excellent programs in English.

<H1> Search function</H1>
<H1> Search function</H1>

This is what keeps me using xplore32.
This string would be the app and its args that would open any file, independent of file type.

The window is out of the desktop
The window is out of the desktop

Save view for each folder independently
Explorer saves view options for each folder but almost no substitute program seems to do it effectively. Would also be nice to have it replace / integrate explorer automatically for any time I click on a drive.

Like swaping a directory
I would add only one thing to make it absolutely perfect. The ability to reposition the views. Like swaping a directory from one pane to another.

We need "folders stay on top" option.
Thanks for frequent updates. Q-dir got faster and faster. However I have a wish that could be important for many others.

The mousewheel doesn't scroll
Whichever pane it's hovering could you add that maybe to the next version


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