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| 25th Jan 2009 |      


Hi :)

Just thought of something, would it be possible to make the TreeView the same for "All have One" as when "One for All" ? I mean, adding the little toolbar to allow showing a preview window below the tree?


Will try in the next version to integrate.

Default file handler instead of explorer, so that it would take over when you doubleclick on a folder or choose Explore from a (rightclick) menu.
However I'm having a little problem these last few days: when I start it up in 4-window layout I only see one window; the other three are hidden and I have to resize all four in order to make all four visible.

Selected folder size in detail view
I could also create other special columns like files inside selected folder and subfolders inside selected folder. I know it can already be done in the status bar in current Q-Dir versions, but this feature would be better used in columns.

Sorting out my photos they never remain
Excellent software, I use it all the time. I have one gripe and that is that when sorting out my photos they never remain in the place I put them.

Paste option in the context menu
I've used version 3.67 and now upgraded to 3.74 and both have a small bug which occurs randomly. 10% of the times I cut or copy something, be it via shortcut or the context menu, if I close the window and try to paste the files in another instance it doesn't work, and the Paste option in the context menu is even grayed.

I have two or more pane views
I am using Vista! I keep running into an issue when opening Q-Dir. If I have two or more pane views from previous view, then I reopen Q-Dir sometime later I find that the bars/dividers that seperate each pane are all buched up in the upper left of the viewing area

I had this bug in the precedant version. When I enable the automatic startup
I had this bug in the precedant version. When I enable the automatic startup

Language portugues do brasil
Is nice language ;)!

I was wondering if you have a secure way for me to make a donation
for your work on these utilities that you have posted as freeware. They are great programs for free and there is not many things in this world for free anymore.


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