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| 28th Jan 2009 |      


Although I set Q-Dir not show hidden files and system files , it does show them and the large nuber in C:\Windows etc is a nuisance. I already have those options checked in Windows Explorer and it works fine there.

Regards, St,,,,, F,,,,

TO>hiden files
It this in tree or list view

Hello to you Nenad,

Thanks for getting back so quickly. However, I can make no sense whatsoever of your reply. Where the option is stated, I indicated not to show hidden or system files. They do not work.

What do you mean by:

TO>hiden files
It this in tree or list view

I really have no idea.

I use the details view with or without a tree.

S,,,,, F,,,,


I open 4 windows everyday but should locate the directory angain next time always.
It's really a big bother, i need the function as "open windows with last layout" thanks for any suggestion!

If exists English version of this.?
Or, can you imagine any way to make this localization, please?

One of the best free file managers, realy.
What about predefined (by user) filters? For instance, button on toolbar (or pop-up menu) "Docs" and filter "*.doc;*.rtf;*.txt".

In the registry, program data, appdata etc, or am I going blind?
Sorry for the false alarm. don't really know what happened but it started working. no, not because of a reboot, which I did many times. something else corrected the problem

I miss comapred to products like directory opus.
Is there already an option (or maybe in the future) that can be used to calculate the size of each folder in a certain pane? That would be a great feature which is one of the few functions I miss comapred to products like directory opus.

Display size of single file
Display size of single file in List-View is more better. ;^) We could compare multiple files directly.

Is there a way to choose the details you want shown for the files in the windows,
If there is a way to do this, please let me know. If no such way exists, that would be a really great thing to include next time, since when sorting photo files to edit for size so i can use them, I compare size and dimensions before date or other criteria.

Create a directory and subdirectory on the USB drive.
Open two of Q-Dir window panes for this drive: one for the root folder and one for the subdirectory. Copy a few large files (700MB to 1GB each) to the root directory of the USB drive.


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