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| 29th Jan 2009 |      


When you work in a network and there is folder where you don't have access rigths if you try to open this folder with Q-DIR it crashes.


XP or Vista ??

It's XP SP3 and Q-DIR version is 3.51.

OK! i will what do!

How do you change the fonts for the tree-view and the list-view?
Thank you for responding to my email. I read the FAQ before I emailed you asking my questions. The FAQ does not address my question. Right now in the tree-view the font is aerial, while in the list-view the font is tahoma. I would like both the tree-view and the list-view to be the same font - tahoma. How can I do this?

Today I tried FontViewOK
It's a great tool but maybe you can change the background for the selected font in a lighter color, or reverse the foreground.

Rename in the context menu/press F2,
Vista selects only the filename, not the extension ! Could you add this to your great software ! It would be very cool !

Folder sizes would be a nice.
I work on it! I work at optimisation for slow HD/PC ;)

Just before closing
I tried to save a current situation with set at desktop item (*.qdr file). I would expect that from this item Q-dir wil open de maps as whey were active during the save. But testing it by saving a qdr-file, and then move to other maps in Q-dir, then close Q-dir, and reopen it by double-click on the just-saved Qdr-file on the desktop, Q-dir opens the last-used map, just before closing , and not the maps which were opened during the save of the qdr-file.

List of the command-line arguments
Is there somewhere a list of the command-line arguments for Q-Dir?? I can't figure out how to make it work right, it always opens with four windows, detail mode, in wrong directory - all these are wrong. How do I tell it to work like I want it to?

I can not seem to figure out how I can use telnet from inside the Colorconsole.
I can not seem to figure out how I can use telnet from inside the Colorconsole.

I'm looking for the solution!
What i want to do is make your program the default explorer. That is when I open a program I want it to use your software. and I want to change the WINLOGOKEY to your program.


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