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| 8th Feb 2009 |      


since I use a docking station for my ACER travelmate 6292, I need really your product, because every time I swap the display to eternal monitor, I loose all my tiringly ordered icons.
Unluckily desktopOk work well only a few times.
Most often icons are "almost" reordered; not completely, and every time some icons (5 to 10) change position.
I have windows XP.
Your product is 1.37 free.
Thanks G. Tonali

hello please test 1.41,

64 bit (x64)
regards nenad

thanks for answering so quickly.
I downloaded version 1.41 but same thing happen.

I noticed that the greatest disorder is located into the left side of the screen, where usally I keep the icons of the programs.
In the lower-upper-right part of the screen I keep icons that refer to folders and files, as word and excel documents.

These icons usually come back to their right place.

In the left part of the screen, what happens is that program icons tend to "fill" all the space, starting from upper-left corner, changing position and "throwing away" icons of folders ecc.

Hoping to be useful,

So I quickly locate the error and fix it,
I ask for the following information:

1. Installed OS: Win98/2000/ME/XP/2003
2. Servicepak on your operating
3. Installed Internet Explorer

thans again to be so quick and efficient!
Then: Windows XP, SP2, Explorer 7.0.5730.13


MeinPlatz 1.63 . I just now installed and clicked on English flag.
Also after the "English installation" was finished, the screen went back to German for the "accept, not accept" first question as if it was trying to install again. A bug?

In my opinion it beats any
I was wondering though I noticed that on sub folders that are empty in the file tree they contain the + arrows next too them is this a glitch or normal?

For me, it's a compromise between windows explorer
For me, it's a compromise between windows explorer

Add file synchronization.
I am suggestion that you add file synchronization. If you opened two panels you could tell which files are not the same. This feature is found in the old version of 2xExplorer. It is the only feature I wish was in your program.

When displaying trees for the 4 views
When displaying trees for the 4 views , the trees doesn't react : Clicking on any of the 4 tree doesn't lead to the folders on the right side of the pane related to the trees. I went to your site and downloaded a former version : Q-Dir_Portable_Unicode.zip.

<H1> Search function</H1>
<H1> Search function</H1>

Running a cmd script
Opening a cmd box in that dir by pushing the lightning button, typing in the name of the script and pressing enter, it does what I should do. This happens to all my .cmd scripts, not only one. They also work when started by double clicking them in a normal explorer window. Maybe the workpath isn't correct?

Ran into a little bug when using the filter feature
Other letters seem to work ok. I was thinking also that this feature might be faster (which is why you're using a filter) if files were displayed as you type the filter. Just a thought :)


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