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| 9th Feb 2009 |      


Dear Hrg,
First: Thank you for this excellent program, which I prefer far over Windows Explorer.

Some features that might be nice:
1. I always have to click an icon below the title bar to enable the "All have one" feature, and then click the new icon in order to see the folders list. How about if Q-Dir were to remember this setting each time I start it?... Whoops, I just found that: I select [Extras]->[Starting As] and selected [Remember last]. OK, it is now a minor quibble - this is not in the most zelbsferschtendlich (intuitive) place.

2. How can I print a complete directory listing of the folders that are displayed in the window?

Thank you for offering us the chance to make suggestions.

-- Jacob Salomon


Please test:
DirPrintOK or MeinPlatz


Is german i must translate ;)

You say it is version 1.05 updated on 12/09/2008
But the zip downloaded contains version 1.03 dated from 04/08/2008

Do you have planified a French translation of Gui
Do you have planified a French translation of Gui

File size in bytes, please.
File size in bytes, please.

Fully integrate qdir into windows,
I would love to see the ability to fully integrate qdir into windows, so instead of using windows explorer it opens qdir

Then when I re-open it I have that issue. It seems however to do with the "Starting as" being "Last View".
Then when I re-open it I have that issue. It seems however to do with the "Starting as" being "Last View".

Settings including columns and colors
It seems it does not save my window position settings, but it does save my other settings including columns and colors . This wouldnt be a problem if the default window position was decent, instead of completely hidden off of my screen.

Change file listing colours depending on extension.
(1)The ability to link individual folder listing colours to a file extension colour. (2)The ability to change listing text size. (3)The ability to change file listing icons.

In the windows explorer I can drag such an item -holding
Could you add an auto update feature, or "new version notification" or e-maillist with announcements regarding new versions?


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