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| 1th Feb 2009 |      


How about putting a drag and drop launch bar for favorite documents. Clicking on the icon on the launch bar would open the document. You could get to your favorite item quicker. PowerDesk Pro does this and I use it all the time.


I like Q-Dir very much.

Jm,,,, B,,,,,

Will try in one of the next version to integrate.

Is it possible to set more than 4 windows with your program?
I need a tool to distribute emails into 6-10 explorer folders - so I would love to have 6-10 windows for dropping the emails directly into the appropriate folder.

Active in Micro Soft Office all equipments
Group of Fonts that i can make it active in Micro Soft Office all equipments , in Extract WinZip.

How to choose font for file list items
How to only show visible Desktop icons in a file list of the Desktop folder (not show Internet Explorer, Computer, Network, Control Panel, etc.)

Für <- Unicode? lol
Check for updates button or automated - Multi languages - Search function

Before getting into the
I have came accross some few bugs while using Q-Dir and hopefully you can help sorting things out. Please find here below a detailed description of the case.

Like XYplorer , xplorer2, total commander, QTtabbar etc.
XYplorer - it works excellent in terms of directory loading for network driver.The bottom bar of xy plorer is great with many useful feature. but again multi tab interface is what we do not want

I noticed that when I display the contents of system directories
It is very functional and exactly what I was looking for in an explorer program. The only suggestion I have at this time is true 64-bit support

I was just looking at " NexusFile ", and its ability to appear "dark" was VERY appealing.
May I ask, humbly, that you consider "improving" it, by incorporating Skins? Or, merely a choice of background colors?


Quick-Link's :Preview FilterFolder sizePreview PDFStretch the screen.The PC is slow
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