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| 20th Feb 2009 |      


I have 2 questions about Q-Dir:
1) I would be interested to know if anybody is already cooking up a dutch
translation for Q-Dir, and if not, I'd be willing to create it for you.

2) Q-Dir is not showing Overlay-icons for Source control tools , by example
TortoisCVS and TortoiseSVN. Is there a way (or option that I didn't find
yet) to have these overlays shown, and still use the color enhancements
Q-Dir shows by default?
This is about the only feature that is stopping me to switch over to Q-Dir
from Xplorer2 by Zabkat.

nobody is cooking on dutch

To>TortoisCVS and TortoiseSVN
I know this problem I work on it

Please find attached 2 interface issues.
1. Bad URL 2. Spelling "Relative Path"

I noticed when switching to English language
In the tooltip for refresh in the treeeview (it says "Actualisieren" instead of "Refresh"). 2. At the bottom of the 'View' menu.

This great tool that makes my life better every day!
Q-Dir 3.16 is not able to open nor create shortcuts pointing to folders. OS: Windows XP Professional SP2

Sorting out my photos they never remain
Excellent software, I use it all the time. I have one gripe and that is that when sorting out my photos they never remain in the place I put them.

Is it possible to have the double click on a .rar file
If I double click on a .zip file, I can see what is inside like in a map, but if I double click on a .rar file, winrar starts. Is it possible to have the double click on a .rar file work the same as on a .zip file?

Hallo, is it possible to change (or install) English language into Q Dir
I am working on it. In 1-2 weeks has come! Likewise UNICODE

Only accessible when using the One 4 All Tree view.
First of wanted to say thanks again for a great app. Second, thanks for adding the 2 new dir views (3L-Dir & 3R-Dir). I am not sure if I was the only one that requested it but thanks again for placing them in.

On my other comp thumbnails works just fine, and I don't graphics card even.
With version 3.28 and 3.29 i have low quality thumbnail preview, when I turn this preview on.


Quick-Link's :Preview FilterFolder sizePreview PDFStretch the screen.The PC is slow
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