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| 4th Feb 2009 |      


Well done for this amazing program
I am distributing to all my friends

See some missing points
-History is clear as soon your turn off QDIR
can you keep it one session to another

- Search engines a filefinder (from powerdesk or others free ) more convenient

- Add multitab(really useful )
- add new toolbar with drag and drop application ,folder ...

Thanks for all
Really good programmed

Will try in ONE of the next version to integrate.

I select in my 3 windows the 3 directories that I use all the time,
And checked Q-Dir always. With Current window position, and every time I reopen Q-Dir I get the default directory in the 3 windows back - is that normal?

For explorer when opening folders/drives;
Nice program! It would be nice to have an option to substitute QDir for explorer when opening folders/drives; like PowerDesk but this is still very useful

Translate the FAQs into English???
I know your site is large, but could you please

Active in Micro Soft Office all equipments
Group of Fonts that i can make it active in Micro Soft Office all equipments , in Extract WinZip.

One-click way to immediately
Unless some people change languages very frequently, you might consider simplifying the "File" menu by putting all the language flags in a submenu. I suppose you have a reason for not having language selections in the Options pane.

I must be switch other DIR screen to recover
I click some directory and press (F5) to reflash my screen, and the screen bocome to WHITE and i saw ICON but dont icon names

Excellent portable program
In the English display, under the FILE menu the "New" and "Cloning" line is shown as having its hotkey as "STRG N". On viewing the German display I recognised "STRG" as the English "CTRL".

I can create a quicklaunch icon to quickly restore that arrangement and then close.
I can create a quicklaunch icon to quickly restore that arrangement and then close.


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