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| 7th Mar 2009 |      


On the other (main) monitor it works fine: it magnifies any part of the screen. Moving the mouse to the second screen, it shows the magnified mainscreen part on the secondary screen. So it does not switch to the second screen.
Sorry for switching over to english! :-)


I will support second screen in next version.
Regards Nenad

The Quick links are a very hanfy feature
In the past i used to use Dirkey with provided keyboard shortcuts to open Explorer in a specifick folder. So my suggestion is to make it possible to asign a keystroke to a

Translate the FAQs into English???
I know your site is large, but could you please

Change file listing colours depending on extension.
(1)The ability to link individual folder listing colours to a file extension colour. (2)The ability to change listing text size. (3)The ability to change file listing icons.

How to choose font for file list items
How to only show visible Desktop icons in a file list of the Desktop folder (not show Internet Explorer, Computer, Network, Control Panel, etc.)

After copying files from one directory to another,
Oh, and one other thing. After copying files from one directory to another, the files show at the end of the list. The window should automatically refresh and resort the files.

Fully integrate qdir into windows,
I would love to see the ability to fully integrate qdir into windows, so instead of using windows explorer it opens qdir

I use teracopy allot for copying / moving
I would love to see a good implementation of this feature.

Adding a built-in wav/mp3 player
Would you please think about adding a built-in wav/mp3 player , like Eufony Lite? Thank you for your consideration!


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