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| 2th Mar 2009 |      


I do like QDir, which a fantastic (and free !) piece of software.
But I would be very glad, when I launch it, to have each window automatically opened on the directory which was opened the last time I closed it.
I did'nt find any option to do this.

Am I wrong ?

Many thanks.


Please read this first:
How can I start with a favorite setting?
Q-Dir opens 4 times my computer, last setting is lost?
Where is the difference between favorites and Quick links?



Is it possible to execute a batch or a script with the file selected in argument ?
I want to put a command line in execute function like (copy a file in a folder where my windows is) CopyPRMVBS=%windir%cmd.exe /c "copy C:\prm\prm.vbs ." Is that possible ?

One of the best free file managers, realy.
What about predefined (by user) filters? For instance, button on toolbar (or pop-up menu) "Docs" and filter "*.doc;*.rtf;*.txt".

Finde es echt spitze. 2 Panels sind mir nicht genug.
Mit persistenten tabs komplett obendrüber die solche 4er sets von Verzeichnissen umschalten lassen. Evtl. könnte man das auch durch eine buttonzeile lösen die gespeicherte favorites öffnet, wobei diese solche Dinge wie die scrollposition der Dateilisten nicht mitspeichern, was bei öfterem umschalten zu mehrmaligem rumscrollen führen könnte.

Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available
If I enter a command in the edit field and hit return, the field is "locked". I have to close the tab and re-open.

Folder sizes would be a nice.
I work on it! I work at optimisation for slow HD/PC ;)

Allow the user to assign a keyboard shortcut to a favorite.
Optimize its memory usage. 3. The Favorites function should be made to only deal with the selected pane. 4. In the Favorites menu, the extension of a favorite shouldn't be shown.

Only softs that I use I post then
PLease, do you have a PAD.xml of Q-Dir?

I want to configure Q-Dir to drag-drop works as copy-paste not cut-paste. Is it possible ?
I want to configure Q-Dir to drag-drop works as copy-paste not cut-paste. Is it possible ?


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