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| 2th Mar 2009 |      


I love shareware and freeware and have many of these programs.

I have to say that of all the software I've used Q-Dir is the most useful program I've found.

This weekend I had the ugly project of sorting out hundreds of files and figuring out what to do with them. It would have been very painful with Windows Explorer but fortunately I found Q-DIR.

And then I discovered the icing on the cake....I needed to print out file lists and thought I'd have to go through the usual gymnastics of using yet another program to sort and export and then I discovered that Q-DIR does it completely painlessly with a single command.

Wow, I'm impressed.

Thank you very much for this program. I'm definitely going to have to investigate your other programs AND MAKE A DONATION!

C,,,,,, Ho,,,,

Thank You!
I Will do my best!
Regards Nenad

Password protected ftp
I notice that Q-Dir won't do password protected ftp , or I am not able to get it to do so. This would be a wonderful addition. On my system the IE login dialog box comes up and I enter the data, but it is refused. If I go to windows explorer, the IE login dialog box comes up and I enter the data and it is accepted.

Would like to have the current directory shown on the title bar.
I use Q-Dir in single-directory mode, and I open multiple copies in order to do drag-and-drop stuff

Running a cmd script
Opening a cmd box in that dir by pushing the lightning button, typing in the name of the script and pressing enter, it does what I should do. This happens to all my .cmd scripts, not only one. They also work when started by double clicking them in a normal explorer window. Maybe the workpath isn't correct?

One of the best free file managers, realy.
What about predefined (by user) filters? For instance, button on toolbar (or pop-up menu) "Docs" and filter "*.doc;*.rtf;*.txt".

Today I tried FontViewOK
It's a great tool but maybe you can change the background for the selected font in a lighter color, or reverse the foreground.

Add file synchronization.
I am suggestion that you add file synchronization. If you opened two panels you could tell which files are not the same. This feature is found in the old version of 2xExplorer. It is the only feature I wish was in your program.

The menu on multi Screen not work correctly ;)
The menu on multi Screen not work correctly ;)

How do I make Q-Dir my default Explorer?
When I attach a drive I want to open Q-Dir from the menu rather than Windows Explorer.


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