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| 4th Mar 2009 |      



Many thanks for Q-Dir, I just discovered it !

I have a suggestion. It would be great if a panel could be a FTP session, so we could transfer files from and to the other panels very easily, just as we do with local files/folders/drives.
We could save our favorite FTP sites (our Web sites for instance) in Q-Dir and manage them directly.

Kind regards,

A,,,,,, W,,,,,,,


It is only the MS internal FTP
but enough to look at it:

Later, a effective FTP client in Q-Dir;

Couple addresses for testing:
Regards Nenad

How can I browse FTP folders with Q-DIR? do you support SFTP?

Search the first folder when I have no select.
When I change the directory to "C:\Program Files" with Q-Dir ,then I click the blank area(in order to let the Q-Dir don't select any folder), and i click the key CTRL+F the search window appears,but the search path is not the "C:\Program Files" but the "C:\Program Files\ComPlus Applications".I know I can use F3 ,but I feel it is unreasonable that the Q-Dir search the first folder when I have no select. I hope you can give consideration.

Add a feature that allows user to double click on the empty space
Instead of pressing the "back" button, would it be possible to add a feature that allows user to double click on the empty space within a window frame to return to the previous page?

It does what it says and never stopped or crashed in may pc
To perfection it just need a multi-level-tree view. That would be very similar to what we find in Macs. That would give me the ability to go on and on, down to the last folder in any given parent folder.

Rename in the context menu/press F2,
Vista selects only the filename, not the extension ! Could you add this to your great software ! It would be very cool !

I can't find where it is stored
Accidentally close the program, instead of minimizing it, I can't find where it is stored on my computer, to again restart it, and I have to download it from your website, all over again.

You must have been an Amiga user
You must have been an Amiga user ! Many thanks! Thank you for the flowers ;) ! 1987 C64/128 user ! ;)

Adapt the "Vista like" addrees bar
Thus, the other two buttons on the top-right corner may not be necessary. In fect, by using that kind address bar can improve the speed of switching folders as well. Thanks for your hard innovation!

Instance already opened and set a view to a path.
Something like q-dir "C:\Temp" /1 This would set the view 1 of Q-Dir to path "C:\Temp" without starting another Q-Dir instance.


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