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| 29th Apr 2009 |      


Display size of single file in List-View is more better. ;^)
We could compare multiple files directly.

OK ! I will ad ;) !

You could create a special column with the selected folder size
You could create a special column with the selected folder size in detail view mode. I could also create other special columns like files inside selected folder and subfolders inside selected folder.

Change file listing colours depending on extension.
(1)The ability to link individual folder listing colours to a file extension colour. (2)The ability to change listing text size. (3)The ability to change file listing icons.

How do I see a thumbnail view?
Thumbnail view is not available in MS Windows Explorer either. I am running Windows Vista Business. See below.

Could you please build in an option so that I can select 1,2 or 4 panels to display?
Perhaps I will send you a thank-you reward after 30 days if I still find your program as good as I do today.

Could you add these features to the next version?
Minimize to the system tray - Automatically activated when the system started - instead of explorer, when I press the win + e, start the Q-Dir.

I think you are going the right way with Q-Dir but there is always room for improvements.
-refresh button -red color for delete icon -shortcuts for quick view and quick edit configurable for external programs -copy and move shortcuts from active to inactive panel (horizontal or vertical)

Always asks me do I trust this program
I need a little help. This is actually a Vista question. I created a shortcut on my desktop to e:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe to start the program. The problem is that it always asks me do I trust this program to run and I have to click ALLOW button. How do I stop this?

Can you kindly direct me to the "preview" button to view different file types etc.?


Quick-Link's :Folder-ShortcutsVista address barFTP directoryforce move or copy
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