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| 18th Apr 2009 |      


I would add only one thing to make it absolutely perfect. The ability to reposition the views. Like swaping a directory from one pane to another.

FAQ http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=faq-Q-DIR&faq=16

View list choice
Can the view list choice be made the default, instead of details in Q-Dir 3.71?

I noticed that when I display the contents of system directories
It is very functional and exactly what I was looking for in an explorer program. The only suggestion I have at this time is true 64-bit support

Select filename when press F2, select file extension when press F2 again,
I wish to have a filter box, and when I enter keyword in the filter box, Q-Dir shows files and folders having the keyword in their name.

How do I properly manage or delete the favorites?
How do I properly manage or delete the favorites?

Sorting out my photos they never remain
Excellent software, I use it all the time. I have one gripe and that is that when sorting out my photos they never remain in the place I put them.

I've been using Salamander 1.42 for a long time
One feature that I was not able to locate is the possibility to have the program start always with the same directories in the panels. In my case for example I need C:\ and M:\ (a network drive) to be there every time I start QDir.

How do I use quicklinks to folders? I can't see how to set this up.
Is there a way to have q-dir always start with the predefined folders in the four panes (i.e. whenever I open it, I want to say one pane with mydocs, one with folder a, one woth b, and one with c).

The CTRL+F shortcut
Anyway, forget this, F3 is nice too.


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