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| 10th May 2009 |      


First let me say thanks again for Q-Dir, I love you application and use it every day! Also, thx for the x64 version. I contacted you some time ago asking for a x64 version and you have not disappointed! I just wanted to report one issue I have found with the new x64 version. I have a dual monitor setup . When I close the new x64 version and reopen it, it always opens maximized on my primary monitor. I resize it and move it to my secondary monitor. When I close and reopen Q-Dir, it opens again maximized on my primary monitor. I have tried all settings under Q-Dir menu but changing them seems to have no effect. I never had this problem in the past using your original x86 bit version. I am using the Portable versions just so you know. Thank you in advance for your time and thanks again for a great application!

is the x86 and x64 the same version?

No problem at all regarding the delayed reply. Thank you for looking into this.

To answer your question, yes the x86 and x64 are both the same versions. I have been using Q-Dir for years now and always update to the newest version whenever you release one. I have never had the issue I reported with any of the versions until I tried the x64 version. The current x86 version (3.73) works as expected and my window position and size is remembered just fine. With the new x64 version (3.73) however, the window always opens in my primary monitor and does not appear to remember the last size and position of the window.

The nex update is in 2-3 Days
I'll repair and crush this bug ;)

And make my laptop hanging
When i've tried to open a folder/file.so today i will uninstall the software coz it's very annoying me, thanks for the q-dir help before.

Great program for windows vista home premium
Great program for windows vista home premium

Only accessible when using the One 4 All Tree view.
First of wanted to say thanks again for a great app. Second, thanks for adding the 2 new dir views (3L-Dir & 3R-Dir). I am not sure if I was the only one that requested it but thanks again for placing them in.

Filter Auto Update (Live Update).
I have a suggestion to make the Q-Dir Filter Auto Update (Live Update). With this feature , while the user is typing a Filter Keyword the directory will show the Live Update. The user do not have to press the F5 or Enter button to Filter the Directory.

This great tool that makes my life better every day!
Q-Dir 3.16 is not able to open nor create shortcuts pointing to folders. OS: Windows XP Professional SP2

Also I really like the great ability to customize the file-system syntax colors.
Improved and working "Preview Pane." What if I could set an entire quad to be a preview? Have you ever used built-in viewer inside of Total Commander or FreeCommander (FreeCommander, I think, embeds the AtViewer program)? Your viewer doesn't work on txt, htm, tif, wmf, tga; but it does display pdf, jpg, bmp, png. At least add the .txt to the Preview. And it does pdfs very quickly! Good job!

ColorConsole. It is now an essential tool for me.
I could not find how to input control sequences such as CTRL-C. Could you possibly tell me about the function?


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